Do you want to hear a funny joke?  Hold on, let me brace myself…

I have been using my retainers since grade(5)five [ INPUT LONG SIGH] Having retainers as a pre-teen can be challenging as well as daunting.

There is plenty to get used to and new habits to conform to.  I must admit though, even through all that pain, it’s not that bad.  The very first time the braces goes onto your teeth, it feels weird and only starts hurting after a couple of hours. Oh, and your teeth becomes uber sensitive.

I will always want my teeth to remain straight forever and ever so this means I will be wearing mines for the rest of my life *awkward* Note to my future husband … I Preemptively apologise for my strange speech impediment…lisp, slurred ( or shall I say thlurred speech) and metal.

Drool. Wait. Drool? Did someone say drool *disgusting*  Yes, you do drool slightly.   When you drool, you drool while drooling drool.:o  Embarrassing as it may sound, you just have to get used to it.  Its an ongoing process and it doesn’t stop even if your mouth is dry.

The metal-like plates comes with a long list of insults and nicknames.  Unfortunately, throughout your school life one can expect to be called brace-face, jaws, metal-mouth, train-tracks, tin grin and the list goes on….*Injustices of youth*

However,  I am totally grateful that I was able to wear retainers, my teeth has straightened out, perfectly.  Being *orthodontically * challenged has made me realise that retay-tays will forever be waiting at my bedside, soaking in Listerine *sigh*

But if I neglect to clink on my precious retainers  (expensive hunks of clunky metal) I am doomed.   I know this from experience because I usually clink mine *confessions of a brace face* the night before my dentist appointment, I ultimately use brute force and can barely eat for days.*struggle*

Like many other teens, I was self-conscious  about my teeth. Whenever I smiled , it was a guarded sort of smile. A turned away smile.  You can say I had a tight-lipped smile reserved for family and close friends only.  Now, my teeth looks good and my smile is a real confident one.  I think I smile a little too obnoxiously now. Cue (dramatic music and some lightning⚡strikes)

Although I have to brush and soak them all the time, regularly,  I still get annoyed because they are the real cause of my painful canker sores and cuts.  Brushing routines have become longer and tedious.   Flossing is really time consuming but important *sigh*  AND I will never like flossing…..and that my friends is the gospel truth….Seriously, I just felt the need to vent out*ugh*

When you consider the trials and travails associated with metal on your teeth, consider the results,  a dazzling :mrgreen:smile to last but a lifetime.  I like my retay-tays, it gives me a sense of Security.

Shout-out to all those teens who were blessed with straight teeth *blessingsonblessings*. Those of you who have perfect teeth will have no idea what it feels like to be a brace-face.😬

But Seriously!!! I still wear my retainers every night.*struggle*😜





2 thoughts on “BRACE FOR IT….

  1. Why couldn’t those darn teeth be born perfect? LOL. So is God’s Word like a spiritual retainer for our soul? Hhmmm. Weird thought. Sorry. I hope its gotten better for you, as I’m still enjoying rummaging around in your past. Blogging Time Travel. But I can only get it to go back in time, not forward.

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