The Art of being ill…



There’s a knack of being ill successfully.  I don’t have it.  My family all possess it though, in varying degrees. My mum, my dad and even my brother has it. Of course, when someone is ill,  all the family rally around, including me.  Look after the dog, wash the dishes, fetch the clothes, and make the dinner….

But the other day I woke up feeling ill.  Definitely  ill. Dry tongue, headache, flushed. Quite definitely  flu.  My turn at last.  Already ridden with one of the strongest superbug  known to mankind.   I could see it all so clearly.  My room converted into a sick-room, softly warm and gently lit.  The latest magazines, hushed voices, anxious inquiries.  My mum says if I don’t feel well I had better lie down.  So I do.  Take medication.  Wait.  Turn out the light.  Sleep.

After a disturbed  night sleep,😩 I hauled myself out of bed.  The world was spinning  round and round,  it would stop at any given moment. But don’t worry its all in the mind! Blimey😨when does it stop I wondered?

I awaited frenzied cries of ’emergency,emergency ‘ but instead all I got was a look of condemnation.  Mum’s home made honey with ginger and milk!*Ugh* was the order of the day.  This concoction was said to expectorate mucus and provide quick relief , for a cold or sore throat.

Resilience was at a all time low. Showing signs of fatigue  which could only be mistaken for my dastardly illness.   I prepped myself up with constant *lucazade* and a packet of chips, it was all I could manage, which felt tasteless, took my flu medication, dozed off again.

Suddenly,  the telephone  rings….  “No, she’s a little bit off, resting.” Not quite the words I would have chosen.  I was in constant need of tissues and my speech was gravelly.  As rotten as you feel,  your heads stuffed up, your nose blocked, your throat sore, your body now aches like you were run over by a truck, it seems like a long road to recovery but I thank God for the empathy my family offered.

Next morning I wake up.  I feel better. I get up.  Might as well. The virus was defeated.   The main symptoms have subsided and I’m hoping to be allowed out of quarantine. Understanding the time frame, it was just a matter of time until things got back to normal*sigh*

There is no *cure* but you can treat yourself with some practical *self-help* measures from mum and over the counter medicines which don’t require a trip to your G.P.  And of course, lots of *love*and care.

Being ill is a knack, and I don’t have it.  So I stay healthy😉