Is being the eldest child an Advantage?

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Being the eldest child plays an inimitable role in the structure of a family. She has a propensity to be confident and often craves her independence  at an early age.  She has to set her standards high because her actions are observed closely by impressionable eyes. This accountability  often instils in her to act in a respectable and responsible manner at all times.  Being persistent has helped shape her personality.  And there’s a very, very good chance you have a *Type A* personality….  DEAL WITH IT.

I like to believe I was born with a confidence that many individuals pine for.  I will gladly share my own views and opinions of being the eldest child. But this will depend largely on how I grew up.

The first born is usually filled with love, care and attention.  All things are new from baby clothes,shoes, toys, books and financial resources, were at our disposal.  Once the second child comes along, *sigh* the first born gets dethroned and feels rejected and resentful of having to share their parents and toys.

IQ tests suggest that the first-born are more intelligent in regards to performing better at school or university.   They also go on to earn higher salaries in adult life.  However, I reject this point of view, believing  the evidence to be inconclusive.   The truth is with the age gap that exists comes the difficulty.

Shout out to all the eldest children who were used as tester kids with ridiculously  high expectations, now watching their younger siblings get away with everything (whereas you would have been killed for). Justice will never be restored….

I am sure  we all have our moments where we resented our position.   But I can only speak for myself ….  When you acted like you were   *in charge*.   You were called *bossy* thus making you an authoritarian. And when you got into fights *YOU* got into trouble (it was like magnified  by *TENFOLD *) because you are older and are suppose to know better.  This was a *No-win * situation.

Like when your sibling always got the  good stuff  *WAY* earlier than you did.  You only got your cell phone in high school (grade 12) and your sibling got his at  *AGE *12.  And watching your sibling do all the *COOL*  and new things like -GASP- getting (Facebook,  instagram, twitter,snapchat) – are a serious jolt to your senses.

Your curfew was, by far the earliest, whereas your sibling lived the *carefree* life you longed for and watched wayyy more TV than you were allowed to.  You definitely  did not get to watch PG-13 movies until you were like 14.  No explaination  needed for this one.

Then… there were times when your siblings tried to copy your style and they wanted to play the same instrument as you did or just try to make your *thing* their *thing*, drove you completely  *INSANE*

And as if you did not have enough on your plate, your parents also treated you like a private tutor and  you  lost track of the countless times you had to ‘watch’ your sibling, aka *babysit* them.

However…Love among siblings should be a natural thing. In saying this we are to show kindness to each other * phileo* love  This means we should not only  respond gracefully in the face of our siblings , but also go out of our way to serve them.

Angels trot the earth in disguise as family…and mine is my brother.  He is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit,  my partner in crime, my personal press agent, even my shrink , and he gives meaning to my life.