Are we Star Crazy???

I tend to get my celebrity fix while sitting in doctor’s waiting rooms or hairdressing salons. This would put me at odds with the public, who appear to be genuinely fascinated by the going-ons of people who they never meet.

Believing the objects of our adoration to be the fount of all knowledge, we turn to them for advice on outfit of the day (OOTD), make-up tips, latest trendy hairstyles, what to eat, exercise routines or even how to worship – allowing them to influence our values, and the way we live our lives.

And when they fall from their pedestals, we still eagerly read of their drunken escapades, expensive rehab facilities, speeding arrests or their high-profile divorce.

It seems like most people (even those in denial) have at least some interest in celebrities of some sort. The problem is when interest crosses the line into obsession.

Romantic pictures of celebrities have unleashed an avalanche of threats from incensed fans on social networking sites (Facebook, instagram,twitter). In extreme cases theses outpourings have become real life threats, and some actually take legal action against fans who become stalkers.

In all due respect (give credit where credit is due). Some celebrities give generously. I mean copious amounts of money in support of global charities. Some use their fame to focus on tragedies such as(tsunami,earthquakes) or those people suffering from (AIDS,cancer,TB).

While I may not actually pay money for these magazines on theses subjects. Even this sceptic gets caught up in the fantasy of the moment. Not that I’m really interested😉…..