Keep going ahead!👍


I received my first Chess set at the tender age of 7.  I took pride in my ability to play chess, poring over books with titles like *Classic King  Pawn Openings.*  I can honestly say that my love for Chess brings me profound and immense joy….

Chess is a game of strategy. It is where you outwit, outmanoeuvre and outlast your opponent. I believe if you can learn to conquer the chessboard, you can use your strategic skills to conquer the world (in my case the courtroom) To be a winner, you must be a master of strategy, tactically moving each piece without losing sight of the master piece.
:idea:But…Did you know? that in the game of chess, Bishops and Knights are evenly matched, wielding the same amount  of power.
However, knights possess  two strategic advantages…
Firstly, they are the only pieces that are not stopped by opponents in their path because of their ability to hop over obstacles.
Secondly, when knights maintain their position  in the middle of the board, they limit the movement of other pieces that are at a higher risk of being captured.
Because of this middle ground advantage chess players are warned against positioning knights on the edge (rim) or in the corners of the chessboard.
You might say “A knight on the rim is dim” or “A knight in the corner is a mourner.”
But don’t take it personally…

Perhaps there is a spiritual picture for us here.  God grants us freedom to rebel against His original design, but even as we do so we end up serving His eventual goal of restoration. This transformed the way I view good and bad things.

Victory is assured, no matter how the board of life may look at any given time. According to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells. ( 2 Peter 3:13)

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6 thoughts on “Keep going ahead!👍

  1. Oh this is rich. If you have not read this in a while, you might want to read again what you wrote so long ago. Strategy/wisdom? Eagles soar more, and sparrows do a lot of flapping. So many people fail to learn God’s wisdom of soaring, eagle life. So many little sparrows flapping these days, thinking they are getting ahead. Ahead of what? God? God’s plan for them? But the eagle soars no matter what. Only those that wait upon the Lord. Good stuff, God Chic. White Feather enjoy. LOL. (I played chess when young also. It is the greatest of games, but my focus was on other things, so I was always just average. But it has a strong message about life.)

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  2. Hey, I loved your page. I’m also a chess player, maybe we should play online sometime. 🙂 I’ve had some problems with the site, I couldn’t reach your blog and I can’t reach your social media links; they give blank pages. 🙂

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    1. @Spiritual Ghetto😊Thank you! What an excellent idea. However, I’ve not played in a while.(University got in the way)Sorry about the connection problems. You can try again later. God Bless!

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